English for Employability

Course Name: English for Employability

Description: The English for Employability series takes the learners through various stages of language learning from a basic level of English literacy to higher levels of competence and fluency with the help of a carefully graded programme

Certification Partner: Englobe English Academy

Eligibility: 5th standard pass

Duration: Each level 120 hours

QP Code: Not Applicable

NSQF Level: Not Applicable

English is today the world’s most important language having communicative and educative value. It is used all over the world not out of any imposition but because of the realization that it has certain distinctive advantages. Over the years, the English language has gained an edge over other languages as it is a progressive language, both dynamic and flexible

The English for Employability series recognizes the critical role that English plays in taking the learner closer to success – both social and professional. As the title indicates, the E2 series– a 4-level English language learning course is designed to raise the employability quotient of learners and preparing them for an active and productive professional life

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