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Changing weather conditions, development in air conditioning technology, rising disposable income of consumers are driving the market for air conditioning systems in India. More and more people in India including those in Tier 2 towns and cities own air conditioners in their homes and in offices. This has caused a need for a new breed of workforce, the AC Repair Technicians. AC Technicians install air conditioning systems, test them for proper functioning, perform repairs, maintain tools, order supplies, and make routine adjustments to maximize operational efficiency. They may also sell service contracts to clients in order to ensure long-term client relationships. Given their role and growing need for such expertise, it is imperative to build their knowledge and skill so that they deliver the best customer service

Who is a Field Technician

AC Field Technician‘s job is an after sales job for installing and providing support to the air conditioner buyers. He installs the air conditioner and interacts with customers to diagnose the problem and assess possible causes. Once the problem and causes have been identified, he rectifies minor problems or replaces faulty modules for failed parts or recommends factory repairs for bigger faults. The AC Technician is on the field and travels through the day from one customer’s premise to another

Career Progression

Choosing a career as an AC Technician offers an exciting professional path that promises job security and excellent earnings potential. From the starting position of AC Technician, an individual can climb the career ladder to gain more responsibility, manage jobs and individuals

Field Technician ? Field Manager ? Operation Manager ? Distribution Manager

Common Designations in Various Industries

AC Repair Technician, Air Conditioning Mechanics, Installers

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