Fitness Trainer

Course Name: Fitness Trainer

Description: The course is aimed at training candidates for the job of Fitness Trainers, in the Fitness, leisure and sports industry.

Certification Partner: Sports Education Development Australia - India (SEDA-India)

Eligibility: 12th standard pass

Duration: 250 hours

QP Code: SPF/ Q1102

NSQF Level: 4

The fitness industry in India has grown leaps and bound in past one decade leading to a rise in the demand for certified and qualified trainers. The demand for fitness trainers is on a rise be it in a gym setup or otherwise. In tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Personal training, too is a latest fad and a serious self-employment business. People prefer having a trainer who can give personal attention to them to help them achieve health and fitness goals. A personal trainer makes anything between Rs 30000 to 1 lakh a month in urban setup

Who is a Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer is also referred to as Gym Instructor, Gym trainer, Trainer or Gym Coach or Fitness coach. Individuals in this role are involved in the physical training of others through various fitness activities. The responsibilities of a Fitness trainer include helping trainees of all ages, shape and sizes to get healthier and achieve desired fitness levels through focused exercises and activities. His prime responsibilities are to create exercise schedules, monitor clients’ progress, motivating them and upgrading the work out. A trainer should have an understanding of human anatomy, nutrition and recovery

Job Prospects and Career Progression

Fitness Trainer → Personal Trainer → specialized training expert/ Club Manager

Common Designations in Various Industries

Gym Instructor, Floor trainer, Fitness Instructor, Fitness coach

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