X-Ray Technician

Course Name: X-Ray Technician

Description: This programme is aimed at training candidates for the job of X-Ray Technician in the health sector.

Certification Partner: Healthcare Sector Skill Council

Eligibility: 12th standard pass

Duration: 600 hours

QP Code: HSS/Q0701

NSQF Level: 3

For treating any patient, diagnosis of the disease is required. For diagnostic purposes, doctors need an internal picture of body or organs to understand if there is any abnormality. An X-Ray image provides a internal picture of the body to diagnose the disease. So along with the doctor the skills of the technician also matters as they play an important role in taking the images at the correct angle. Hence hospital or diagnostic centers require a qualified and skilled X-Ray Technician. This course provides the understanding of the skills and professional attributes to become an X-Ray technician.

Who is an X-Ray Technician
An X-Technician works in diagnostic centers and hospitals under the supervision of a radiologist. Key responsibilities are- prepare X-Ray room , machine and patient for the procedure, give proper position to the patient during procedure , operate and maintain an X-Ray machine, explain the procedure to the patient, make reports of the X-Ray and keep a record of the same.

What are the Job Prospects & Career Progression
X-Ray Technician → Senior X-ray Technician → Radiology Department Manager

Common Designations in Various Industries
X-Ray Technician

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